Earth Light Series Paintings by Len Sodenkamp Art

Oil and Acrylic impressionistic works using dramatic light and color. Earth is the topic and Light is the subject. Studies of light depicting our beautiful little blue cosmic spot in a vast expanse of worlds beyond our wildest dreams. Here on Earth however any day, anywhere, there is a moving sky with life giving land and waters that lay low in valleys and canyons. It beckons to imagine but a tiny speck of its immense mystery and beauty. With paint and panel the artist applies colors of light and shadow to create the illusion of three dimensions. It is the artist dream fulfilled that the viewer of this ART find it pleasing, familiar and perhaps even comforting to look upon.

Thank you,

Len Sodenkamp

 Aspen Dance oil on panel 24 x 18 inches $800.00

High Idaho Plateau Aspen  oil on panel 30 x 24 inches $1000.00

Idaho Saw Tooth Mountain Summer Aspen oil on panel 36 x 24 inches $1200.00